Common Camera Project

Hundreds of disposable cams passed around the world

Common Camera Project

Assembling Common Cameras in Berkeley, CA. (Photo by Jennifer Cabugao 2011)

The Common Camera Project is a social art project that’s passing hundreds of disposable cameras around the world with a simple set of instructions:

1. Take a pic of something that inspires you
2. Pass the camera on to someone you trust
3. If you’re last, mail the camera back to us

Each individually numbered disposable cam has a small tearaway package with return postage meant to be affixed to the pre-addressed back of the camera box by the last person.







What started as a simple concept that I sat on for around six months lovingly grew into a Kickstarter project made possible by a small team of friends. In under 24 hours we surpassed a 35 day fundraising goal of $1,000 and would eventually raise funds from over 130 backers to send 300+ disposable cams into the world.


CC early logo sketches


Mailing Common Cams at USPSCameras were mailed off to almost 30 states as well as internationally (all hand addressed and dragged to the USPS Post Office). In tandem, we launched to enable people to “check-in” the location of their camera and tell us their story.

We patiently the return of the large majority of our Common Cams; however, they’ve been spotted as far as Alaska, Kenya, India, Brazil, Vietnam, and Morroco.

common cams

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