CM on Kickstarter

Funding the new home for all things CreativeMornings

In August of 2012, CreativeMornings launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to create a growing, searchable archive of all CM talks old and new. After going from four to 34 chapters at the time of the campaign in just over a year, it was evident that the CreativeMornings world was in need of platform that could support not only ever-increasing amount of content but also the growing community.

I took the lead in crafting our campaign, from working with talented videographer Jacob Krupnick (Girl Walk // All Day) to laying out our rewards structure and outreach plan. Tina and I were floored as the campaign raised its initial $35,000 in the first four hours and went on to raise close to $80,000 from 1200 backers over the 30 days.

The campaign featured a mix of product rewards (e.g. CreativeMornings prints from Lisa Congdon and Jessica Hische, T-shirt by Kate Bingaman Burt) as well as in-person experiences (e.g. an hour of consulting with Jason Fried). With the success of the Kickstarter, we plan to launch a new in 2013.

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