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Final Hoorah: Last Word/Play This Week

July 9th, 2011

final word/play

I’ve made the difficult decision to hang up the Word/Play hat to spend more time and energy on other projects. It’s been a great 15 weeks, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of the participants and the amazing creations that have come through.

The final Word/Play will be this Monday morning, so if you’ve like to jump on board for the last hoorah–sign on up at

For the the longer story, you can read the email announcement sent out to all of the fabulous Word/Players. (text below)

Hey beloved Word/Players,

Kevin here. After much deliberation, I’ve made the difficult decision to hang up the Word/Play hat (at least for the time being). This upcoming week will be the final Word/Play.

dun dun dun…

This little experiment started off about 15 weeks ago when I roped in a couple of lovely friends in hopes to just share the joy of making things. After hundreds of submissions and over a hundred different participants, it has been my absolute pleasure to facilitate this experience, and I’ve been inspired countless times by the incredibly clever things people have thought of. Thank you all so much.

Someone once pointed out to me a common theme among Word/Play and my other sideprojects. In a lot of ways, it’s been about realizing the potential in just a tiny slice of time where you make an honest effort to be especially present, mindful, and actively engaged. And if during the course of Word/Play, you’ve ever surprised yourself with what you’ve made, this has all been well worth it.

I’ve decided to focus more time and energy on some other projects, but if any of you have any interest in revamping this little word game, thoughts on a future iteration, or any feedback whatsoever, I’d love to hear it.

Feel free to e-mail me at, find me on twitter @mrkevinhuynh or follow my work and play on my blog. If any of you need would like any help or input on starting your own project, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to chat.

This week’s Word/Play will go out Monday morning, I’d love to have you on board for one last hoorah.

Word/Play was about not being afraid to flex a little creative love, whoever you are. You don’t need to be crtically acclaimed or the world’s best to do something you enjoy and make an impact.

Do what you love, express your art, share it with others, and good things will happen.

Play on,

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