Healthy Dose of Imagination

Visualizing a brighter future in healthcare

Healthy Dose Of Imagination

Healthy Dose of Imagination is a visual guide to innovation in health. Created in partnership with Collaborative Fund, GE’s Healthyshare and Start Up America, the website contrasts current (at times troubling) facts with optimistic predictions for the future of healthcare in the context of the companies and organizations working to make those visions a reality.

“We face great challenges in health today. Globally, epidemics spread as clean water becomes scarce. In the US, the cost of healthcare increases amidst a shortage of quality physicians. Health inequity numbers will tell you: The system is broken.

Yet bold entrepreneurs, companies, and institutions are making strides toward a better future. While the numbers drive us to look down, we could be looking up. Global access to healthy living is a lofty goal, but we believe the path forward, at the very least, starts with a little imagination.”

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