Hi there, I'm Kevin.

Let's dance.

I started Kiwimonk at the age of 9.

It was my first Instant Messenger screen name which is generally the most embarrassing alias you will ever create. I owe the name to my older brother who cleverly fused my affinity for monkey stuffed animals with my kiwi-like (fruit and/or bird) physical appearance at the time: chubby, short, and tan with a fuzzy haircut.

Things are a bit different now (more or less), and Kiwimonk has inevitably changed. From middle school attempts at abstract artwork to what I do for a living today, I’m proud that this moniker has represented my “work” since pre-puberty.

I’m fascinated by the intersection of real world connections, progress, and the power of the platform. At CreativeMornings, I think daily about how the organization can and will grow as well as what’s possible with a worldwide community of creative people. In addition, I produce events, campaigns and a variety of web projects.

You can find me during the day bobbing beneath a pair of bright headphones at Studiomates or dancing ferociously elsewhere.


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