Kevin Huynh (pronounced “hwin“) leads headquarters of CreativeMornings (CM), a breakfast lecture series for the creative community that’s currently in over 85 cities.

He helped CM grow from four chapters to what it is today, volunteer-run, free events for 7000 attendees every month in almost 40 countries. He now oversees the organization’s key corporate partnerships.

His projects explore people and their stories, such as the Common Camera Project, a Kickstarter-funded world tour of hundreds of disposable cameras passed from one person to another; and ThanksForTeaching.Us, a platform for appreciating great educators. His other projects have less of a coherent theme but incite immense personal satisfaction.

Kevin studied Mechanical Engineering for his B.S. and M.S. at Berkeley. Raised in Colorado, he currently lives above a killer taqueria in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.



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