Kevin Huynh

This is me, about to touch my chin. (Photo by Bekka Palmer)

I’m Kevin Huynh (pron. “hwin”). It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I grew up just outside of Boulder, CO in a small town that boasts the corporate headquarters of Crocs. After grad school for Mechanical Engineering, I turned down a job at a big Bay Area tech company, traded my belongings for food and moved cross-country to collaborate on a few ambitious, creative projects I couldn’t stop thinking about.

I’ve since teamed up with founders to develop their ideas and eventually lead operations. The way I see it, my area of engineering was about systems–inputs, outputs, variables, efficiency–and my work today requires a similar approach with an added focus on how the systems interact with people.

I spent some time relaunching The Feast Conference in New York where I first learned about building partnerships in business. Recently, I’ve led a passionate team as COO at CreativeMornings that now supports local organizers in over 100 cities. The experience has taught me an immense amount about empathy and scaling a global community (the kind that meets face to face).

I’ve been experimenting with design and the web since a young age. To me, side projects represent creative spirit. Every sticky challenge can be flipped into an opportunity. I mostly toy around with storytelling, whether it’s distributing disposable cameras to strangers or collecting memories of influential teachers.

If you want to collaborate, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m available via e-mail or in-person at the killer taqueria beneath my apartment in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.


About this website

I made it! was built on WordPress, using the bare-bones Starkers theme as a starting point. Fonts include Montserrat, Merriweather and Merriweather Sans served up by Google Fonts. Most icons are from the Symbol Set semantic font by Oak. Robots drawn by Kevin.

The name Kiwimonk was given by my older brother, Jeff, when I was very young. He combined what I looked like at the time (a small, chubby, brown bird/fruit) and my favorite animal (the monkey) in order to create my first online alias. Haven’t looked back since.