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Make Love. Save Lives.

May 24th, 2011

Potentially the worst part about late night TV (apart from the fact that only Jersey Shore and obscure sports are playing) are those horrendously cheesy, “blow her away” condom commercials via the likes of Trojan and Durex. Thankfully, we have L. Condoms, an amazing company bringing some much needed perspective, activism, and love to a stale market.

Started by the awesome Talia Frenkel, a former Red Cross disaster photographer, L. distributes one condom in a developing country for ever condom purchased to help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDs. Essentially, TOMs Shoes in the bedroom. (ish?)


Not only an innovative model, L’s brand empowers women globally with the right to have safe sex. Their most recent campaign, L.31, highlights 31 kick-ass women who “represent the kind of love that rocks the world hard enough to change it.” Combine all this with a recession-proof condom market and a great product, and you’ve got a cause worth checking out. Hot.

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