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Our Future is TBD

April 23rd, 2011


Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of working on the editorial team for TBD, another brainchild of All Day Buffet.  TBD is a weekly newsletter for the burgeoning social innovation space dedicated to delivering “one world-shaking idea and one collective action to improve our future.”   As we like to say, “TBD reaches those who dare to give a damn about the future of our world.”  Love that.


TBD is a glimpse of what the future can be.

Where people create real value.
Where business is a good thing.
Where charity is implicit.
Where we work smarter, not harder.
Where our work life is our life’s work.

Is a better future really possible? That is To Be Determined by you.

Check it out, sign up, and take your vitamins.

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