Resolutions For Good

Designate 2012 the year of doing good for others

Each New Year’s, we pledge to eat healthier, *promise* to hit the gym more, or commit to learning that one thing we’ve always found a way to put off. Personal goals are important, but imagine the impact we could have if we dedicated all that fresh start goodwill to making a year great for someone else.

While I was running TBD, a social impact newsletter (that has since been discontinued), I assembled a team to create Resolutions For Good, a campaign to flip the switch on making resolutions and designate 2012 the year of doing good for others. In the spirit of generosity, visitors dedicated resolutions to other people whether it was to help a family member find a job or to tutor a friend.

We collected these public declarations on a custom Tumblr and encouraged those who submitted to share their resolutions directly with those they committed to supporting.


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