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The Best Week My Arms Have Ever Had

July 18th, 2011

On Tuesday, the killer gang (and new friends) at swissmiss studio launched Tattly, an online shop for “Designy Temporary Tattoos.” Fed up with applying often hideous, Clip Art-esque temporary tattoos to her daughter’s arm, Tina Roth Eisenberg took matters into her own hands.

Tattly Kevin
Photo by Rusty Meadows

The store, built by next door studiomates, Oak, now offers tatts from an all-star cast of contributing designers including Jason Santa Maria, Jessica Hische, Frank Chimero, and James Victore just to name a few.


Twas a pleasure joining the studio just before launch to be able help the talented peeps behind Tattly where I could (i.e. moonlighting as a temporary tattoo arm model.) Plus, a big congrats to Rusty, Yoko, and Tina for bringing Tattly into the world. Designy children everywhere will be forever indebted.


Tattly offers its tattoos in pairs as well in a complete set for the first two weeks with the Launch Special Everything Pack.

As Tina puts it, “Life is too short to drink bad wine and wear ugly temporary tattoos. Right?”

Join the typographic, design, temporary body art revolution at

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