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Time to Wake Up

August 14th, 2011

Creative Mornings

I moved to Brooklyn a little over a month ago with two giant suitcases, an overstuffed backpack, and a black duffel bag… I believe that’s the maximum amount of luggage a human being can physically move by him or herself.

Nonetheless, as expected, time has flown by since my humble arrival as the princess in the airport attempting to operate a revolving door with one too many rollies to fit through.

Flash forward to my current state. I have the absolute pleasure to work on a lot of things, with my biggest project helping build out this wonderful idea called CreativeMornings.

CreativeMornings map

Started by Tina aka swissmiss aka master and chief about two years ago, CreativeMornings is a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. What started as a simple meetup at Tina’s studio has become a global movement with chapters worldwide in New York, LA, SF, Vancouver, Boston, Zurich, Milan, London, Auckland, and Tokyo among others.

It’s nothing fancy, but somewhere between fifty to a few hundred people get together once a month to mingle with good folk, enjoy some free breakfast, and listen to that killer speaker that’s usually reserved for the multi-day, heavily pricetagged epic conference. There’s no better way to wake up.

Once called “TED for the rest of us,” CreativeMornings is this amazing blend of no frills creative pow wow meets heavy hitting, inspiring speakers — not to mention it’s now even venture-backed by the ever-innovative Collaborative Fund. Past speakers in just NY include John Maeda (President of RISD), Milton Glaser (legendary designer of I

CreativeMornings craig mod san francisco


CreativeMornings/SanFrancisco with Craig Mod, hosted by Typekit

CreativeMornings blurb


CreativeMorings/NewYork with Liz Danzico, hosted by Blurb

CreativeMornings is at an exciting point, as we’re launching new chapters every month, expanding exponentially. My job as Breakfast Lecture Series Specialist (hell yes) involves a variety of things, so let’s just boil it down to doing all that I can to make CreativeMornings as badass as universally possible.

Find the nearest chapter to you, and join us next month. If you’re around NYC, don’t hesitate to drop me a line, and I’d love to show you what we’ve been up to. I promise it’s worth waking up for.

For more information head over to
The next NYC event is this Friday with Kirby Ferguson of Everything is a Remix, sign ups open Monday (tomorrow) at 11am
To stay up to date, follow us on twitter @creativemorning

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