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Word/Play Gets a Revamp

April 19th, 2011

Wordplay ss

Every day, I create something.  One late night about two months ago, I got stuck on thinking how it would be more enjoyable to have a little company join me on this solo quest.

I like encouraging people to make things, to flex some creative love.  It’s a little bit about being curious as to what clever things they’ll come up with and a lot about about recognizing creativity to some extent as a capacity and not a skill.

Long story short, Word/Play was born, and each week I get to send out a word to a growing community of people challenging them to create something (anything) based on that word.  The creations are amazing and come from some self-proclaimed non-creatives (told you so).

Wordplay ss

I recently revamped the site to house the expanding number of lovely submissions.  Word/Players now have a slightly shinier home to showcase their work.

Wordplay ss

If you’d like to join the fun (please do :), check us out at  All of your friends will be so jealous.

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