BOOM! Time for Word/Play.

For 15 weeks, I had the wonderful pleasure of facilitating a weekly game called Word/Play for around 150 people. Once a week, I’d email (and text to close friends) a single word, and participants would have 24hours to create anything based on that word, post it on their blog, and send me the link. I’d compile the submissions and put together a weekly roundup.

It was an amazing experience, and over the course of Word/Play I was so impressed time and time again by the seriously clever stuff people would put together as well as the hundreds of creations our little community made. Here were some of my favorites.



Word: Balloon (by June)


Word: Cloud (by Chris, by Rachel)


Word: Box (by Kourosh)


Word: Bright (by Ashley)


Word: Circle (by Kevin K.)


Word: Three (by Sophia)


Word: Red (by Nakul)


Word: Rhyme (by Michelle)


Word: Pattern (by Ivan)


Word: Space (by Kevin)


Word: Smile (by Kira)


Word: Line (by Jason)


Word: Opposite (by Seth)


Word: Up (by Mindy)


Word: Goodbye (Darshita)

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