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BOOM! Time for Word/Play.

For 15 weeks, I facilitatedĀ a game called Word/Play for 150 people. Once a week, I’d send outĀ a single word and participants would have 24 hours to create anything based on that word, post it on their blog, and send me the link. IĀ compiledĀ submissions andĀ sent outĀ a roundup.

Balloon (by June)


Cloud (top by Chris, bottom by Rachel)


Box (by Kourosh)


Bright (by Ashley)


Circle (by Kevin K.)


Three (by Sophia)


Red (by Nakul)


Rhyme (by Michelle)


Pattern (by Ivan)


Space (by Kevin)


Smile (by Kira)


Line (by Jason)


Opposite (by Seth)


Up (by Mindy)


Goodbye (Darshita)

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