Me, in my natural habitat. Photo by Kai in Brooklyn, NY.

Greetings brave internet traveler,

I’m Kevin. I help communities get organized. I love digging into strategy and operations for grassroots groups.

Today, I run People & Company with Bailey and Kai. Our agency has helped organizations big and small develop communities of teachers, caregivers, dog-walkers, power users, investors, runners, surfers, and more. Soon, we’ll publish a book and launch a podcast! Stay in the loop.

I’m also on the board of the Edcamp Foundation, a global movement that empowers educators through self-organized professional development.

I’d like to advise 2-3 more leaders/organizers keen to get their community strategy, structure, and processes in order. More info here.

In my spare time, I explore NYC, write, make videos and hack projects like a directory of Kevin Huynhs. I’m passionate about putting things into the world. There’s nothing better than seeing what comes back.

Thanks for stopping by.

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