Me, in my natural habitat. Photo by Kai in Brooklyn, NY.

Greetings brave internet traveler,

I’m Kevin. I care about people connecting with something big and contributing towards it.

Most recently, I started People & Company with Bailey and Kai. We’re a community design practice. We tackle different problems for different communities. Users on a platform, volunteers at a nonprofit, investors in a network, fans of an artist. We design strategies so people-centered orgs can go deeper with their people.

Previously, I put on The Feast Conference, led the expansion of CreativeMornings to 100+ cities, and ran growth at Classcraft. Today, I’m on the board of two grassroots nonprofits: Edcamp Foundation and Changemaker Chats. In my spare time, I make videos and hack projects like a directory of Kevin Huynhs.

My passions are people, process, and putting things into the world because there’s nothing better than seeing what comes back.

Thanks for stopping by. Safe travels.

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