Me, in my natural habitat. Photo by Kai in Brooklyn, NY.

Greetings brave internet traveler,

My name is Kevin,  and I help others by creating structure. I design systems and programs that enable people to do meaningful work.

With my partners Bailey and Kai, I started People & Company —a research and strategy practice that helps communities thrive. The diverse organizations we work with each have a loyal audience. Whether they’re called fans, advocates, or power users, we listen to what they say, measure what they do, and find ways to amplify their impact.

Before starting P&C, I put on The Feast Conference, helped expand CreativeMornings to over 100 cities, and led growth at Classcraft. Today, I’m on the board of two community-driven nonprofits: Edcamp Foundation and Changemaker Chats. In my spare time, I hack together projects like a directory of Kevin Huynhs.

I’m passionate about people, process, and putting things into the world because there’s nothing better than seeing what comes back.

Thanks for stopping by. Safe travels.

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