My book Get Together is now available—Amazon bestseller! 📙

Photo of Kevin Huynh by Kai Elmer Sotto

Photo by Kai Elmer Sotto after we consumed a large quantity of Hawaiian shaved ice.

Hi, I’m Kevin, cofounder at People & Company and coauthor of Get Together.  My mission is to help people get their people together.

At People & Company  , the agency I started with Bailey and Kai, we bring clarity to organizations that want to create authentic communities. So far, we’ve helped cultivate communities of power users, investors, founders, teachers, caregivers, drivers, dog-walkers, runners, surfers, and more.

Based on this work, I coauthored a book Get Together: How to Build a Community with Your People (Amazon bestseller!) 📙. It’s a practical handbook on community-building featuring incredible stories—published by Stripe Press.


I cohost the Get Together podcast 🎙, a show about the nuts and bolts of community building. New episodes ~every other week! I also serve on the board of the Edcamp Foundation and volunteer time almost every day to coach grassroots community leaders.

In my past work lives, I brought Classcraft to new classrooms, helped spread CreativeMornings to 100 cities, started a worldwide dinner party with The Feast, and got an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

My fiancée and I live in Brooklyn where we spend time cooking, eating, and laughing. On the side, I write, make videos, and hack projects like a directory of Kevin Huynhs.


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