New writing: "Me Time"

Photo of Kevin Huynh by Kai Elmer Sotto

👋 I’m Kevin. My work is about creating systems for people.

Raised in Colorado by Vietnamese immigrants, I studied my Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Berkeley before becoming an operations person for community-driven orgs.

I’m co-author of Get Together, an Amazon bestseller published by Stripe Press. As the founder of Instant Pot shared:

“Get Together tells the stories and reveals the insights of community building. Don’t start one without reading this book.” — Robert Wang

I also co-founded People & Company , a strategy partner that has helped orgs like Nike, Substack and the Surfrider Foundation start and sustain thriving groups.

Every month, I write+record relatable essays on creating, optimizing, and being a person. Join a few hundred friends and folks to get notified whenever I publish new words:

My partner Yoko and I live in Brooklyn where we spend time making food, eating, and jump-roping.

What else is new: