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ThanksForTeaching.Us was a 30 day campaign to collect stories about outstanding teachers around the world.

“Whether it was Mrs. Engles in the 2nd Grade or Prof. Reich sophomore year, amazing educators have challenged us to be better thinkers, dared us to change career paths in a single lecture, and inspired us to believe that, with a little hard work, a better future is possible.

Our schools are in a tough spot right now, and we think there’s no better time to bring the spotlight back on the teachers that make our classrooms thrive. ”




ThanksForTeaching.Us collected over 1,000 stories in the first few days and was featured on GOOD Magazine, MTV Act, swissmiss, and the Oprah Blog. Anecdotes flooded in, from teachers finding notes about themselves to entire classrooms submitting stories on Teacher Appreciation Day to past students reconnecting with old professors.

For more information, I wrote a bit more about this project in a personal blog post.

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