Thanks For Teaching.Us

Dear Great Teachers, Thanks for teaching us.

There’s been a good lot of negative energy surrounding the topic of education (especially in this country) over the past few months. And although the issues are incredibly important, they shouldn’t overshadow the amazing impact that standout teachers have had on our lives.


ThanksForTeaching.Us is a 30 day campaign to collect stories about all-star educators around the world while encouraging those students to reconnect with their old teachers. I’ve always received an insightful, honest response to the question “who was your favorite teacher growing up?” and this project was created in the belief that there’s a fantastic potential to collectively show the awesome educators of the world that we have their back.



Launched as a project by TBD, ThanksForTeaching.Us collected over 1,000 stories in just the first few days and was featured on GOOD Magazine, MTV Act, swissmiss, and the Oprah Blog. Since the launch, we’ve heard amazing stories of teachers finding notes about themselves on the site and getting in contact with their past students to express their gratitude.

We’re still exploring how best to take the project forward. If you have any thoughts, we’d love to hear from you at For more information, check out my personal blog post announcing the launch.

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