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Coaching in the New Year

January 10th, 2019

Hi friends!

To kick off the new year, I’d love to connect with and coach more community leaders/organizers who are cultivating a community they care about.

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching/advising a few incredible folks who get people together over the last few years.

From helping Jess and Brie scale their meetup to gather female changemakers in multiple cities, to strategizing with Hadley on how to shepherd the Edcamp education movement, to helping Jiwon prioritize as she launches accelerators for female and immigrant founders… These experiences helping organizers problem-solve, strategize, and persist in their journey to harness people-power has been among the most fulfilling of my career. 🚀

I definitely didn’t have all the answers. They did. We discovered them together. Learning by helping others learn has been rad, and I’d love to spend more time doing so.

So, are you building a community? Do you know someone? Need help getting organized? Let’s talk!


Here’s what I’m looking for

(You should still consider reaching out even if you don’t neatly fit into this criteria.)


And here’s how it’ll work:

If you’re interested send me an email ( with a few sentences about you, the community you’re building, and what’s on your mind.

Please share this note with anyone you think would be keen. Thanks for listening and doing what you do. Happy new year!

— Kevin

Kevin Huynh