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Kevin Starter Pack

February 22nd, 2018

Kevin's starter pack

Kevin’s starter pack by my partner, Yoko

On Monday, Yoko finished drawing a Kevin Starter Pack. She illustrated 12ish items that capture me and how I scoot through daily life just because she felt like it. It was a followup to her Yoko Starter Pack from last month.

To honor this thoughtful, romantic portrayal of me, here are annotations to provide additional context.

Slim Fit Astro-bros

Slim Fit Astro-bros

I love movies.

I was 10 years old the last time I visited Singapore. 🇸🇬 En route to Vietnam, my folks and I would spend a day or two in a different Southeast Asian country. On one of my four trips to visit family, we stopped by Singapore. The most salient childhood memory from my 48 hours there was Ice Kachang (also spelled Ais Kacang) which is a Malaysian desert common to SG that literally means “bean ice.” Shaved ice, red bean, sweet corn, grass jelly, condensed milk? Oh, hell yes. 🍧😄 This is me reliving the joys of 10 year old Kevin with @kaielm and @baileyelaine during a business trip last month. It held up.

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