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Seven Years Ago

July 6th, 2018

It’s Friday—the end of another work week. But this week is special. This week seven years ago I moved to New York City.

Seven years ago…

I drove a car with everything I owned from SF to Dallas.

I left that car and most of those things in Dallas with my brother. (He said that if New York spat me out, I could move in and get back on my feet before we told Mom and Dad.)

I subletted a bedroom that’s bigger than every bedroom I’ve had since.

I didn’t order anything at this restaurant because I was worried about money.

But I did eat a lot of this pizza.

I celebrated my first NYC July 4th on a rooftop in Midtown.

I had my first day at work.

And I met Yoko.

Thanks to everyone who was part of that time—the roommates, friends, family, bosses, colleagues, and visitors. The polite person who told me not to lean on the subway pole.

Thanks for helping me get settled.