My book Get Together is now available—Amazon bestseller! 📙

Get Together podcast 🎙

You can hear from my voice on a regular basis on the Get Together podcast. My co-host Bailey and I interview diverse community leaders on how they got their people to come together.

Folks like Lola Omolola, creator of the 1.7M member Female IN Facebook Group, or Dan Madsen, former head of the Official Star Wars fan club. Join us for new episodes just about every other week.

Listen on Apple Podcasts and most other places you find podcasts.


Talks and Interviews

I’ve had the chance to share my story and perspective on building communities through a few talks and interviews over the past few years.

Community Builder Podcast, 2019

I sat down with my friend, Travis, on the Community Builder Podcast. We talk about cultivating a community with intention, the different stages of a community, and a sneak peak of my new book, Get Together.


Get Together podcast (mini-episode), 2019

Bailey interviews me on the Get Together podcast about what I’ve learned from my first 30 coaching sessions with community leaders in 2019.


So Where Are You From?, 2016

I’m proud of this interview on So Where Are You From? about my roots as a Vietnamese-American. An hour interview, I start around ~10 min.


A Journey Through CreativeMornings, 2015

My talk about my experience scaling the CreativeMornings community has probably gotten the most airtime. I tell my story as the first employee at CreativeMornings, laying the groundwork for the community to grow. Q&A here.