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Kiwi_G in THERE
As a teenager, was my first experience designing and selling products


In-game products by "Kiwimonk Design" is a virtual world where avatars interact and explore. As a teenager, I participated in the 2001 beta by designing and selling items like vehicles and clothing. It was my first taste of running a company.

THERE used a digital currency called “Therebucks.” At the time, $T2000 = $1 USD. I sold over 3,000 in-game products such as buggies, hoverbikes, hoverboards—even bunny slippers.

My first design, the “Holiday Sleigh Buggy,” went on to become a collector’s item that sold in auctions for over $100 USD. I even went on to have a small fan club!

THERE closed its doors in 2008 and has since relaunched in 2013. Ad

THERE’s online, virtual world

Tsunami Runner

Kiwimonk Design Full Inventory


"Tsunami Runner" Template

KRC(Pro) Phoenix

KRC(Pro) Sonata

Past THERE homepage


Holiday Elfmobile

Holiday Sleigh Buggy ad


"Wolvrine" Template



Riveted Wriath


Group photo of notable designers

Toilet Bike