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You Can’t Fake the Funk

June 25th, 2018

I thought about Austin‘s quote today while I drafted a short section for the book I’m working on with Bailey and Kai.

Here’s an excerpt from Monday’s stab at a chapter entitled “You Can’t Fake the Funk. (Thanks Sharon for saying that to me on a phone call two years ago).

If you don’t care, don’t expect anyone else to.

Passion can be misguided, but it cannot be fabricated.

Lesson one is short and sweet: only try to cultivate a community around something you genuinely care about. That thing may be an interest, activity, cause, profession, people, place, product, or some part of who you are.

Start this work because you (and your organization) are truly invested and eager to help. Sincerity will permeate your efforts.

Before obsessing over what to do, ask yourself and your team:

  1. Who do we want to serve? Be specific.
  2. Why are we keen to help?
  3. Why would they want our help?

Gathering, organizing, and enabling people demands authenticity. You can’t fake the funk.