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Use Your Hands

Posted on by kevin

Last year, Bailey gave me a copy of Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. I’ve since purchased it as a gift for 3-4 people. Austin’s no-frills language on the creative process is liberating. Simple phrases, straight-forward advice. I’ve read …

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How to Create an Exceptional Application Process

Posted on by kevin

Find ambassadors to take your event to new locations. The first article in a series on scaling communities.

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Broad Strokes vs. Fine Details

Posted on by kevin

An essay on making, tinkering and seeing the forest through the squirrels.

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Beginners Guide to Booking a Round The World Plane Ticket

Posted on by kevin

From May through July 2015, I set off on the trip of a lifetime by using a Round The World airplane ticket. Here’s a breakdown of what an RTW ticket is and how to book one.

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Automating Your Finances

Posted on by kevin

At work, I’ve always loved thinking through processes. There’s just something about identifying the most efficient way for inputs to lead to outputs, and I should have figured that I could apply the same rigor to my personal finances. In …

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A Simple Way To Better Stay In Touch With Your Family

Posted on by kevin

My family is spread out. With work, travel, and varying timezones, it’s difficult to stay in touch. I think it’s easy to say that all you need to do is try a bit harder, but it’s trickier than that. Even …

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I Like To Meet People I’m Never Going To See Again

Posted on by kevin

There’s something magical about talking to someone you’re never going to meet again. I was boarding this bus getting ready for a return trip from Boston to New York. Settled in my window seat, tucking my water bottle into that …

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What I Learned From Spying On A Wedding

Posted on by kevin

I recently witnessed the *very* end of a wedding. I was just another Park Slope passerby until I unwittingly sauntered by this open church door. To my surprise, a newly minted bride and groom walked straight down the aisle towards …

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50 Moderately Wise Snippets of Wisdom for Incoming College Freshmen

Posted on by kevin

College isn’t like the movies…all the time. In fact, I think Hollywood tends to miss some of the best parts. Honestly, how often in your life are you surrounded in a bubble of potentially thousands of people your age tasting …

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“If you like it, keep it to yourself.” Advice for Creatives via Kenna

Posted on by kevin

Friday night confession. Definitely have a dude crush. And you can’t blame me because Kenna is undeniably tight. The Ethiopian born, Grammy nominated artist got his start in Virginia where he teamed up with Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and …

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