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Less Obvious Lessons From The Last 50 Events I’ve Organized

Posted on by kevin

I’ve always found myself organizing events. From planning the dance to helping with concerts in college to the dozens of CreativeMornings lectures in the past few years, I gravitate towards the magic of the live show. I landed in New …

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50 Moderately Wise Snippets of Wisdom for Incoming College Freshmen

Posted on by kevin

College isn’t like the movies…all the time. In fact, I think Hollywood tends to miss some of the best parts. Honestly, how often in your life are you surrounded in a bubble of potentially thousands of people your age tasting …

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3 Lessons Learned from a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Posted on by kevin

Thinking back, Kickstarter was one of the main catalysts in pushing me to build out the Common Camera Project. As I thought about what I’d need in order to shape a shiny Kickstarter campaign for Common Cam, I found myself …

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