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Reflections on Coaching 30 Community Leaders/Organizers

Posted on by kevin

I spoke about my experience coaching community leaders on The Get-Together podcast. Listen below! 🎙🦉   Five years ago, an exec coach friend told me: “Leadership doesn’t get easier. You just develop the tools to tackle bigger challenges.” This quote …

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Welcome to The Get-Togetherrrrrrr (podcast)!

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Bailey, Kai, and I at People & Company made a podcast about the nuts and bolts of community-building. It’s been so fun 😬 interviewing a diverse group of fan club leaders, grassroots organizers, community managers and more. (And drawing thumb people versions of …

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Communities and Structure

Posted on by kevin

My former boss Jerri, once said: “A community isn’t a community unless it’s organizing itself.” Structure like guidelines, hierarchy, roles, and expectations can help a group of people effectively organize and operate. But too much structure can be stifling. Too …

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How to Keep Track of Your Community

Posted on by kevin

Today I wrote about what data to monitor as you or your organization work to cultivate a community. The most important thing is to pay attention to who keeps showing up. Observing how many people regularly participate, discovering who they …

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My Talk on Empathy and Growing a Global Community

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On September 25, 2015, I spoke at CreativeMornings about my experience scaling…CreativeMornings. Plot twist!

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