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How I Packed for a Three Month World Trip

Posted on by kevin

After a few days of research and a few hours of shopping, I whittled down my gear to the 9.2kg (20.5lb) you see above. Here’s what I packed.

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My Mother, In Her Zone

Posted on by kevin

A few weeks ago, my mother announced to the family that she was nominated for Employee Of The Year at her hospital. My initial thought was, “Whoa mom, that’s a pretty big deal.” From past conversations I knew her hospital …

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What It Feels Like To Drown

Posted on by kevin

I drowned once. There wasn’t a white light, and there wasn’t a tunnel. In fact, it was all purple. Purple, purple, purple… dark and light shades of purple as if I was swimming in a sea of Kool-Aid. Chest ready …

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