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Business Cards

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After tossing out a hodgepodge of old business cards, I was bothered by how the cards I distribute and receive serve little purpose. While printing a new batch for my freelance business, I explored a few ways to make my cards more helpful. Front   …

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What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekend? Explore.

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If you asked me to describe my dream Saturday, I’d immediately tell you that after breakfast tacos it’s all spent exploring. Any type of exploring is fine. High fives if you’re out in the world, seeing new things, and boosting …

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The N Line Is The Most Powerful NYC Subway Train Of All Time

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Let’s begin by getting one thing straight, the N line may very well be the most powerful NYC subway train of all time. It jumps from the heart of Brooklyn to Canal St. in Manhattan within a single stop. It …

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